Maintenance 0f Plaster Crown Moulding

Maintenance of plaster crown moulding is done so as to remove any unwanted dirt, dust and cobwebs that build up in due time. Mostly the crown moulding is neglected as it is far up the ceiling making it difficult and tricky. Cleaning of the plaster crown moulding should be done regularly because the cornice are usually painted white hence emphasizing on any dirt add up. To keep your cornice looking immaculately clean, you should use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to gently sponge down the surface oftenly leaving the surface clean and as white as it was before. Cleaning of the plaster crown moulding helps in maintaining hygiene conditions and also maintains the glamour of the home. After a duration of time the paint on the crown moulding will initially scrape off and leave unsightly cracks, thus to maintain the glamour the paint has to be repainted.

Removing of the Old paint

When removing old paint from your cornice you should be very careful, because the older it is the delicate it becomes.

Instructions on removing the old paint.

  1. First, wipe your crown moulding with a clean, dry rag to remove any dust and unwanted dirt that may have built up over time.
  2. Applying gentle pressure, use a paint scraper to remove the unwanted paint.
  3. After removing unwanted paint, use paint stripper to get rid of the rest of the paint. Thereafter, use a methylene chloride based remover so as to protect the plaster. Do wear gloves and a face mask.
  4. Scrape off the paint using a paint stripper applying on a small area, to ensure that it works as preferred and does not damage the material. Leave this for 30 minutes before scraping off the paint. This should now come off easily, without damage caused to your crown moulding.
  5. If it worked efficiently, do the above procedure to the rest of the plaster crown moulding, working in 4 foot sections at a time and remember to leave the paint stripper on for at least 20 minutes before scrapping off the paint.
  6. After removal of all the paint, use a clean rag, dipped in white methylated spirit to wipe off the chemicals used you can now apply a fresh coat of new paint.

The advantage of maintaining the crown moulding in your home is so as to maintain the elegance and beauty of the space.