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Maintenance 0f Plaster Crown Moulding

Maintenance of plaster crown moulding is done so as to remove any unwanted dirt, dust and cobwebs that build up in due time. Mostly the crown moulding is neglected as it is far up the ceiling making it difficult and tricky. Cleaning of the plaster crown moulding should be done regularly because the cornice are usually painted white hence emphasizing on any dirt add up. To keep your cornice looking immaculately clean, you should use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to gently sponge down the surface oftenly leaving the surface clean and as white as it was before. Cleaning of the plaster crown moulding helps in maintaining hygiene conditions and also maintains the glamour of the home. After a duration of time the paint on the crown moulding will initially scrape off and leave unsightly cracks, thus to maintain the glamour the paint has to be repainted.

Removing of the Old paint

When removing old paint from your cornice you should be very careful, because the older it is the delicate it becomes.

Instructions on removing the old paint.

  1. First, wipe your crown moulding with a clean, dry rag to remove any dust and unwanted dirt that may have built up over time.
  2. Applying gentle pressure, use a paint scraper to remove the unwanted paint.
  3. After removing unwanted paint, use paint stripper to get rid of the rest of the paint. Thereafter, use a methylene chloride based remover so as to protect the plaster. Do wear gloves and a face mask.
  4. Scrape off the paint using a paint stripper applying on a small area, to ensure that it works as preferred and does not damage the material. Leave this for 30 minutes before scraping off the paint. This should now come off easily, without damage caused to your crown moulding.
  5. If it worked efficiently, do the above procedure to the rest of the plaster crown moulding, working in 4 foot sections at a time and remember to leave the paint stripper on for at least 20 minutes before scrapping off the paint.
  6. After removal of all the paint, use a clean rag, dipped in white methylated spirit to wipe off the chemicals used you can now apply a fresh coat of new paint.

The advantage of maintaining the crown moulding in your home is so as to maintain the elegance and beauty of the space.

The popular designs of engagement rings

Before buying an engagement ring (In Hebrew:טבעות אירוסין), you must know few things that would play a vital role while making a selection among different varieties. Let us have a look over the subject in brief.

The four C’s of an engagement ring

When you are planning to tie the wedding knot you look for the most significant matters that you would prefer in your partner. In the same way there are four C’s that you must keep in mind before choosing an engagement ring and these are “clarity”, “carat”, “cutting” and the “color”. It is the shape and size of the ring that matters the most while the angle of the stud or the stone is next to it. The metal framework in the diamonds ring (In Hebrew:טבעות יהלומים) with the classic stone having a grooved edge adds the standalone beauty to the ring.  If you are more traditionalists then surprising your partner with their dream ring would nevertheless add a spark in your relationship to shape your future too.

The right combo set of rings

The key to successful purchase of wedding rings is picking up the right combination of the rings that would match the couples. When you prefer love bands with a sharp cut diamond stone over the top of the ring, it is the time to bring your partner to fit the size for perfection. Well, not everyone have the same sized ring finger and this is why size and shape matters the most. If you need any more helping hand than the professionals who are selling wedding rings, then you may call for an optional help from the close ones of your partner to determine the choice or style.

The designer ring with uncut solitaire

Solitaires with platinum bands are being searched in the market in common. This has become the trend in the market and this is why the dealers in solitaire are looking out for new deigns with different classic, vintage, ancient and traditional look so that they do not lose their buyer anytime. The sharp edges of solitaire with emerald at the round fit give a stunning and unmatchable look from the rest of the crowd. Setting your plans over a solitaire with studded gemstones will not only fix your budget but also let you describe the traditional and royal look.

Know about the return policy

This is what most of the people do not look for when they shop for a diamond ring. Unlike gold or silver plated rings, diamond rings are not returnable or exchangeable once sold. This is common in practice with all the jewelers. But nowadays, there are industries that guarantee you with return or exchange policy within few days of purchase. This is why it becomes necessary to look at the return policy before purchasing an engagement ring to avoid unnecessary delay.

Play safe and sound when involving with a jeweler and get the most out of it. The wedding rings are the most precious gift for your partner to worth a lifetime.

Steps to choose the most suitable colour palette

Many people get much difficulty when they get ready for comparing loads of choices regarding the color scheme used to decorate the home and Taburetes.  They understand that each room has a particular color palette.  The main factors used to determine the personality of a room are the architecture of the room and the period of the furniture.  You have to be conscious on the color selection when you ready for decorating the bedroom, kid’s room, workout room or any room in the home. The color scheme of the room enhances the attractiveness of pillows, furniture upholstery, and drapery further as expected by everyone today.

There are many ways to select the color palette at this time. You can make use of various resources on the go and find out the color palette that suits your lifestyle. This is worthwhile to make an informed decision about your financial plan for the home improvement and narrow downloads of choices regarding the color palettes at this time. The following details assist you make an informed decision about the color palette selection without difficulty and delay

  1. Select a style and a theme for a room
  2. Choose the anchor fabric with at least three colors. These colors have to go well with a style and a theme of a room
  3. Use the background color of the fabric as the wall color of the room
  4. Select the mid-toned color from the fabric for both large furniture items and flooring. Upholstery in anchor fabric or coordinating fabric gives the best result.
  5. Prefer the brightest colors from the fabric and paint accents and accessories like decorative pillows, welting and picture mats.
  6. Place anchor fabric in more than two places in a room like curtains, pillows, and upholstery.
  7. Make use of coordinating fabrics in different scales as accent fabrics on tablecloths, pillows, chairs and cording.
  8. This is worthwhile to use a white background color for walls, anchor fabric with the most attractive American flag design, a mid-toned navy color on the floor, white and blue ticking on the sofa and the most vibrant red color on accents and accessories.
  9. Blue and white ticking stripe is recommended for the coordinated prints, a red and white mini check is suitable for pillows, curtains and chairs and a navy star print fabric in other decorative elements.

Easy to follow tips

  • This is worthwhile to repeat the same color at least three places in your home.
  • Add interest and disperse color by adding the overall details of a dressmaker in cording and trims.
  • Decide on the color proportion in the room by approximately 10% in the accent and brightest colors, 30% in the mid-tone color and 60% in the lightest color in the background.
  • Feel confident and keen to apply the best suitable color scheme. You will get the best result when you try new things. Embracing color and attractive elements do not fail to keep the whole room as impressive as possible.